Specializes in develop, manufacture, and formulate various forms of high-quality fertilizers in the agriculture industry.

As our business grew, we recognize the great opportunities in becoming the complete solution provider in agriculture industry to provide more product.

The fertilizer division was incorporated to support this expansion of business and services in the agriculture sector. With the experienced and capable team, we are able to manufacture and offer many form of fertilizers of consistent and reliable quality and quantity at affordable price.

Besides supply of products, this division also specializes in market and product development and provide technical advisory for our customers as we are able to customize its formulations according users’ requirements and program. These advisory services include fertilizers and manure recommendations, and agrochemical applications. The goal of this is to help planters and small agriculture enterprises identify their needs and challenges while providing viable solutions.

As a major producer of Fertilizers in Malaysia, Hextar has various brands and formulations which are widely available in the market to cater for every need of plantations, small holders, farmers, nursery and others requirements, for both the local and international market.

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